The following are links to recent 2011  and interviews that further support the need for a Vic Asia Unit and the importance of Victoria and the rest of Australia developing better Asia expertise and capabilities.

25 Jan: ‘Why Australia must have more confident diplomacy in Asia’, by Daniel Flitton (link)

18 Apr: Rowan Callick from The Australian speaks about Australian senior executives’ lack of Asia experience (link)

05 May: Dr Michael Wesley, Executive Director of the Lowy Institute for International Policy, appearing on The Drum (link: fast forward to 25:20)

11 May: ‘Budget sets up Asian future’ – Treasurer Wayne Swan recognises the importance of Asia to the Australian economy (link)

18 May: ‘Six emerging economies will account for over half of economic growth by 2025’ and 4 of them are in Asia (link)

19 May: ‘To speak Chinese is not to know China’ – Australia’s Ambassador to Beijing slams the lack of China literacy outside Australia’s corridors of power (link)

30 May: ‘Chinese on way to overtaking UK tourists to Australia’ (link)

19 July: ‘NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell opens trade links with China’ (link)

11 August: Premier Ted Baillieu highlights the importance of China to Victoria (link)

22 August: Victoria’s Premier addresses the Australia India Business Council (link)

17 September: Opportunities for Victoria’s service industries (link)

13 August: China and Victorian tourism (link)

21 August: ‘Common touch rattles China – an insight into cultural difference (link)

23 August: Are we teaching languges in the right way? (link)

9 October: Malcolm Turnbull on China (link)


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